Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Freebie Alert

I just had to share with you. I recently decided that if I was going to make things, I wanted to learn from scratch. So I joined a learn to design course at www.browniescraps.com . Our first assignment was to design a mini kit using no Commercial Use items.

Step One: Go to the Forum and down load my kit here. (You must be a registered member of Brownie Scraps to download the kits, but its a great community with friendly people, good challenges and lots of learning opportunities!) Plus, they are great about leaving love!

Step Two: Make a gorgeous Layout and post it here.

Step Three: If your layout is chosen as the best LO, we each get a $5 Brownie Scraps Gift Certificate!
If you do download my kit and do a layout, PLEASE comment and leave me a link to your layout so I can leave you some love.

There are 35 designers, which means 35 free mini kits for you!!

Here is a preview of what I have so far for next weeks mini. I will post the link once they become available for download.

Well that's about it for now. I am having fun with the course, but finding it so hard to think outside the Commercial Use box.

Cheers Helen

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